2021 GPSA Award Nominations

2021 AWARDS:


Each year, deserving members are recognized with awards both for excellence in teaching as well as distinguished service to their community, their university and/or the profession.  The awards are presented at the annual conference.

This is a call for nomination of colleagues for either award. Both the nominee and the nominator are required to have been registered members of GPSA during the previous academic year (2019-2020) and maintain registration during the current academic year (2020-2021).  The nominator is required to submit a substantial letter of nomination on behalf of the nominee.  The letter should be reflective of the nominee’s excellence in service or teaching and include specific examples as evidence.

Please nominate a deserving colleague for these awards. The outstanding work of our colleagues should be celebrated, and it will be a great honor for GPSA to recognize these colleagues for their accomplishments.

To nominate a colleague for one of the 2021 awards, please email your letter of nomination to Dr. Patricia Ahmed (patricia.ahmed@sdstate.edu), chair of the GPSA Faculty Honors/Awards committee, no later than October 1, 2021.

Previous Award Recipients
Donald Arwood Excellence in Teaching Award:


2018  Candace May, South Dakota State University

2017  Viki Johnson, Dakota State University
Julie Yingling, South Dakota State University

2016  Courtney Waid-Lindberg, Northern State University
Kerry Livingston, Southwest Minnesota State University
Patricia Ahmed, South Dakota State University

2015  Leretta Smith, North Dakota State University
Patty Corwin, North Dakota State University

Distinguished Service:
2018  Patricia Ahmed, South Dakota State University
Kristi Brownfield, Northern State University

2016  Mary Emery, South Dakota State University
Cindy Aamlid, Southwest Minnesota State University

2015 Gina Aalgaard Kelly, North Dakota State University